The Olney Hymns

The words of John Newton & William Cowper with a fresh and new musical style

The Americana Congregation

The idea for “The Americana Congregation” came about as a group of friends were discussing the idea for a collective place to share and experience our unique musical styles, influences, thoughts, ideas, plans and general mischief.

Not intended to be a "band" as such, we were more inclined to create a place for those outside of the “norm” of the industrial church music machine where style, lyrics and context can be explored, encouraged and enjoyed as we journey off the paved road and follow the path of most resistance.

So, as this small little congregation grows, feel free to jump on in and take the trail with us!

The Cabin Fever Recordings

The first project for the Cabin Fever Recordings was finished in 2014 and in November, 2016 released the second project, The Olney Hymns. As the "congregation" continues to grow we will hopefully be able to continue our musical journey and explore new ways to celebrate our Faith, Life and Community of believers & musicians. 

Meet The Band