The Olney Hymns

The words of John Newton & William Cowper with a fresh and new musical style

Christ In The Vessel


Be gone unbelief, my savior is near

And for my relief will surely appear

In prayer I will wrestle and he will perform

With Christ in the vessel I smile at the storm


Though dark be my way, since he is my guide

It’s mine to obey and his to provide

Though treasures are broken and creatures all fail

The word he has spoken will surely prevail


            His love in times past forbids me to think that he’ll leave me at last in trouble to sink

            And each sweet, sweet memory I have in review

            Confirms his good pleasure that he’ll lead me through  


Why should I complain of want or distress

Temptation or pain, he promised no less

The heirs of salvation, I know in his word

Through much tribulation will follow the Lord